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  • Top 10 Chinese films in 2019 reviews the best films from China that define the year in one of the world's fastest booming film industries.

  • Top 10 Chinese buzzwords in 2019

    The literary periodical Yaowen-Jiaozi has selected the top 10 buzzwords of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace shaping Chinese people's communications and life.


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26,000 exhibitions held in Chinese museums in 2019

A total of 5,354 museums across China held 26,000 exhibitions and some 260,000 other educational activities on cultural relics in 2019, according to the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

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In search of a silver lining

Feng Xiaogang's latest movie sees the stars of Youth reunite for a bittersweet story about enduring love, loss and isolation overseas set against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand.

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